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King of the Hill

The objective of this 1 vs. 1 robot challenge is to be the first robot to reach and climb the hill represented by a coloured dot on the bridge at the end of the arena. Before reaching the hill, each robot will have to navigate through a maze with varying obstacles. If at the end of the time limit no robot has reached the hill, the robot closest to the hill will be declared the winner. As obstacles are subject to change in position and in number, robot design and programs that exhibit general maze-solving abilities are encouraged.

Competition Rules for Lego Challenges – READ THIS FIRST

Presentation for Lego Challenges

King of the Hill Challenge Rules


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      The IEEE Ottawa Robotics Competition aims to expose grade 5 to 12 students to STEM fields through a multidimensional approach.
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      The world has changed so much over the past 2 years. In light of the new year, we are so proud to announce our second virtual rendition of ORC! This year, we have adapted some of our current challenges, and are presenting the following 3 new challenges in which you can compete: Agility Challenge [Lego], Dancing Robot Challenge [Arduino], and Wildlife Ambulance Challenge [Micro:bit]. Register now: ... See MoreSee Less
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      The world has changed so much in just one year. With this new year comes another new change for ORC. We will be hosting our first, ever virtual competition!!!While we would have liked to host all our usual challenges, some just could not be adapted to work virtually. So, there will only be 3 challenges this year: da Vinci [Lego], LRT Detour [Arduino], and a new Mix:Tape challenge [Micro:bits].Register now: ... See MoreSee Less
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