About the IEEE Ottawa Robotics Competition

The annual IEEE Ottawa Robotics Competition encourages students from Grades 5 to 12 to develop an early interest in science, technology, and engineering. In teams, students will design and build an autonomous robot using LEGO® MINDSTORM kits to compete in a full day event filled with exciting challenges. In addition, teams will be judged on a written report and a poster presentation documenting their designs.

News & Updates

IEEE Lunch and Learn August 2017

The IEEE Ottawa Robotics Competition (ORC) – Ottawa’s largest robotics competition – is proud to invite you to help Ottawa area students explore STEM through a multidimensional approach. Whether you would like to become a volunteer or patron/sponsor, there is a spot for everyone to contribute. Sign up today using the Google Form below before…

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Competition Rankings for ORC 2017

View your team’s final competition rank here. Congratulations to everyone who participated for all your hard work. Thank you for making this year’s Ottawa Robotics Competition a success. We hope you had fun and hope to see you again next year!

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Reminder – Early Bird Registration Ends Soon

Want to participate in 15th annual IEEE Ottawa Robotics Competition? Registration has been open for a month already and the early bird registration deadline is fast approaching!   Sign up today at http://orc.ieeeottawa.ca/competition   New to the ORC? Check out our Getting Started Guide!

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Win a Robot Arm! ORC Holds Robotics Arm Contest

As part of the IEEE Ottawa Robotics Competition’s (ORC) 15th anniversary, we will be giving away ten robotic arms so teams can join the ORC and compete in our latest Green Arm Challenge. The objective of the Green Arm Challenge is to place bins of recyclable materials from a loading dock onto the appropriate conveyor,…

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Competition Rankings for ORC 2016

Congratulations to everyone who participated for all your hard work. Thank you for making this year’s Ottawa Robotics Competition a success. Follow the link for the official rankings.

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Competition Day is Approaching!

The 14th annual IEEE Ottawa Robotics Competition will feature over 70 teams of more than 300 students from all over Ottawa and beyond. We have many activities planned for that day and look forward to seeing you on Saturday, May 28th. For more information, please visit: http://orc.ieeeottawa.ca/competition-day-info

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Rule Changes & Reduced Levels of Service

After consultations with several advisors, the Lego Division of the R&D Team would like to inform those in the Project BLU Challenge that the squares will always be at the end of the arena. However, the colour pattern can change at a given moment.   For those in the uOttawa #defythemaze Challenge, the rules have…

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New Challenge! The Project BLU Challenge!

We are happy to announce that we are adding a new challenge today, the Project BLU Challenge! The Project BLU Challenge will let students use Bluetooth to communicate between two robots. The challenge is divided into three parts:   Following a line through a track with checkpoints. Getting through the ORC Gatekeeper Robot with Bluetooth…

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Changes to ORC

Last week, we announced a wait list for teams due to high levels of registration. We will no longer be wait listing teams; however, there will be a few changes in how ORC will operate for the current year. As many of you know, ORC distributes Lego kits to teams at a subsidized price in…

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New Team Registrations May Be Wait Listed

Due to a high level of registrations, new team registrations for any ORC Challenge (both Arduino and Lego) may be put onto a waiting list. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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